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YO! Sushi Bon Accord: This Is Tokyo Menu Launch

Welcome to Tokyo! Or YO! Sushi in the Bon Accord Centre for that matter!

Originating in Japan, sushi has diversified in a number of ways over the hundreds and thousands of years it's been around for. Originally relating to meaning "sour" reflecting back on its origins of being preserved in salt, sushi has come a long way over the years, so much so that contemporary sushi itself is now postmodern in the fact that traditional methods of making sushi are now extremely popular again.

Since January 1997, when the first YO! Sushi opened in Soho London, the has launched hundreds of franchises all over the country, even taking on world domination. Last week the business launched it's latest menu, This is Tokyo, focussing on offering up the very best dishes you can find everyone in Tokyo getting stuck into.

This is Tokyo sees 25 new dishes added to the menu, bringing its offering up to 100 dishes. With highly qualified, passionate chefs, the business ensures its staff can deliver the varied menu, ensuring that there's something for everyone's tastes.

Taking inspiration from the gastronomic variety of taste experiences coming out of Tokyo, and honing in on what the locals favourite dishes are, the new menu tells the story behind Tokyo's food culture, a melting pot of Japanese styles fusing old and new cooking techniques and flavours.

So when I was invited along to YO! Sushi, situated in the Bon Accord Centre in Aberdeen, to check out the new menu, I was incredibly keen on investigating what you could really expect to see on the menu's of Tokyo's restaurants...
The conveyor belt was an array of colour, showcasing the new cold dishes available, and hot dishes were cooked as and when guests ordered them. Andy, YO! Sushi's sous chef, also made a conscious effort to go around the tables, talking guests through the different dishes which was great.

With a variety of warm dishes at the mercy of my mouth, a few favourites would have to include Buta No Kakuni, slow braised pork belly with daikon in an aromatic soy sauce on rice, and the Salmon Teriyaki, fresh pieces of tender salmon served straight from the grill. The best warm dish for me had to be the Maguro Katsu, a special blend of tuna, onion and mayo accompanied by one of the best wassabi sauces I've tasted yet.
What I love about this new menu is that the menu itself is styled like a magazine, and features local fashion, art and gaming news from Japan with thanks to Metropolis Japan. A nice touch into learning more about the new talents coming out of Tokyo at the moment.

Spoiled for choice, the cold dishes also boasted a large offering of different dishes. A personal favourite would definitely be the Dynamite, a salmon and avocado nori roll with rayu chilli oil, sriracha mayo and spring onion, and the hoisin duck nori roll, with duck, cucumber and spring onion in a nori roll with hoisin and orange sauce on the side. Being the daredevil I am, I even tried the Tako,  which is slithers of soft-poached octopus with wasabi and nori, although I would only recommend this if you like salt, and a lot of it. Not for me...

How there was space for dessert is beyond me, but in true style, I managed, sampling the matcha roll consisting of premium green tea sponge swirled with fresh cream and azuki beans and a Japanese soufflé cheesecake - so soft and so moist. The matcha roll sold it for me though.

Not forgetting the drinks I tried out Japan's oldest and most popular soft drink Ramune Soda, also known as 'marble soda', as well as Yazu and pear juice and fresh-dressed watermelon juice. The marble soda was the winner in this category for sure - some seriously delicious pop.
So to say the new This is Tokyo menu is a success would be a definite in my eyes. With a huge selection of unique dishes, the global business has really tried hard to capture the heart of Tokyo and present it to us in the best way, which, in my opinion, I'd say they have achieved.

Not only did the guys at YO! Sushi Bon Accord put on one hell of a spread for us, they also presented us with some awesome goodies to take away. I must admit the prawn sticks/crackers were not what I was anticipating but the chocolate sticks were pretty darn good. Huge thank you to the General Manager, Christian Paduch, and the team at YO! Sushi Bon Accord for their fabulous hospitality. I'll definitely be back! 

  For Now...

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