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Pure Spa & Beauty - Reflexology treatment (review): Aberdeen

As far as rest and relaxation goes, I am no ambassador. Not the type to pamper myself, or look after my skin that much, its a rare treat when I find myself at a spa or indulging in any beauty regimes. Thankfully for me, PURE Spa & Beauty were on hand to answer all my r&r prayers, and I couldn't have been more grateful.

I was only last week that I was invited to come in and try out PURE Spa & Beauty Aberdeen's new reflexology treatment. I've only had reflexology once - a very brief treatment - and I didn't receive much feedback on the experience, so I was looking forward to finding out much more about the treatment and how reflexology really works. Located in Aberdeen's largest shopping centre, Union Square, I headed along earlier this week to put their masseuses hands to the test...

Reflexology is all about using massage techniques to relive tension and potentially treat illness based on the theory that our body boasts reflex points on our feet, hands and head linked to every part of the body. For example, the big toe is usually associated with the head. Reflexology is all about having an open-mind, and some believe by manipulating and applying pressure to these specific areas on the feet, that it can effect the rest of the body.
Getting into my robe, I was greeted by Monica, my spa therapist for the day, and taken from the relaxation room to one of the treatment rooms. Massaging my feet with an Elemis scrub -  the main product brand the spa uses in most of its treatments - in warm, soapy water, she talked me through the treatment and what benefits I could expect from the treatment.

Lying face up on the comfortable, warn bed, she started off massaging my head, easing me into a relaxing trance with the assistance of soothing music. Slowly, she made her way down to my feet and began the treatment. Starting on my toes, she worked her way down, around and across my feet, getting right into the nooks and crannies of my muscles and ligaments. She concentrated on the spine of my foot,  the heel, the arch and the topsides of my feet too. Working her way around, I found the treatment rather relaxing. There was a few moments I was a little apprehensive and felt sharp pains in my feet with her manipulating and manoeuvring the tissue, however, I embraced the tiny bursts of pain as I wanted to get the most out of the treatment.

There was a real sense of an oriental atmosphere in the spa area, with oriental towels, decorations and music played throughout my treatment. This theme carried through into the relaxation room, where I had ended up before and after my treatment.
A good half an hour later, my treatment came to an end. Monica left me to get dressed and invited me to sit down so she could chat me me through what she had picked up from my reflexology treatment.

She initially touched on the balls of my feet. Ever since I was a dancer (all those years ago), I've always been prone to having harder skin on the ball of my foot. Monica mentioned how this could be causing strain on my lungs, and how I may not be using them to their full capacity due to the unnecessary tension put on them. She talked about how I may be more prone to coughs and chest infections as a result of this. It was weird she had mentioned this, as I've had a cough for over one month now, but I put this more down to coincidence than the balls of my feet, although, it's definitely been playing on my mind since.

Next, she chatted to me about the middle of my foot, discussing how she had thought that my digestive system/stomach needed nurturing. She mentioned that I would benefit from eating healthier foods and introducing more smoothies into my diet, and also drinking more water to help with digestion. She said it was important for me to cleanse my digestive system and encouraged me to stay away from bad foods.

She has also mentioned the v word. Yes, I know I should be mature enough to discuss this matter, however, I feel this is best left as is.

Monica also advised me to reevaluate into the shoes I've been wearing and potentially try and find some new, comfier shoes to wear day-to-day. She had picked up a lot of tension in my feet and thought this could be down to some of the shoes I was wearing, as she felt my feet were also a little swollen.

After we had discussed the treatment, Monica showed me to the relaxation room where I lounged around for an extra 30 minutes or so. Never far away from my phone, I was chilling out sorting my emails before heading to a meeting an hour later.

The spa was lovely, and some r&r was exactly what I needed to set me up for the week ahead. I felt totally relaxed and wasn't ready to leave the spa, but alas, reality was calling and I had a busy day ahead of me.

I would definitely recommend the reflexology treatment, and it was rather interesting to get such in-depth feedback about my body - especially when the information had been devised from my feet! I was very intrigued to hear what Monica has picked up from the tensions in my feet and I am going to keep an eye out for the different things she had mentioned. I'll report back to let you know if my body feels any different and if I think there truly is something in reflexology. And for those who aren't believers, the treatment is delightfully relaxing, and your feet will thank you for it anyway.

A big thanks to the team at PURE Spa & Beauty for inviting me along to try out the new treatment, and to Monica for her outstanding customer service. She made me feel totally comfortable throughout the whole experience and the front of house staff were very charming too.

Have you tried reflexology before? Ddi you benefit from the feedback you received? Or id reflexology something you are keen to try out? I'm keen to hear everyone's thoughts on this treatment and if they do or don't believe in it!
p.s - I was a little in love with the robes too.

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