Thursday, 24 November 2016

Orchid Aberdeen: Winter menu preview

It doesn't take a lot for me to agree to go for cocktails. Ask my friends, it really doesn't. So when I was invited along to Orchid Aberdeen's winter menu preview there was no chance I was missing out...

Heading down to the bar one chilly Thursday evening, we were greeted by the bar team, and bar manager, Nick Gordon, and welcomed into the cosy, modern bar with open arms. An avid customer of the bar, and almost boredering regular status, I immediately felt at home.

Split into three different stations, the event was goign to showcase the new menu, cocktail mixology and gin tasting. Naturally, and on cue we all formed into smaller groups and headed to our first stations. Gin tasting it was.

Brand Ambassador of Porter's Gin, Sean Moggach, talked us through the history of gin, explaining the journey of gin since the 19th century, and chatted about how the team at Porter's ended up where they are today. After two years of trial and error and a solid gin recipe featuring 12 botanicals under their belt, the trio behind the Scottish gin created what Porter's is today, a delicious, zesty London Dry gin.

With a distinct understanding and appreciate of time and taste, the team behind Porter's managed to create what they see as the ideal London Dry style of gin which can be used in any drink - liquid gold to any bartender. By using exotic fruits like Buddha's hand and pink peppercorns, Porter's offers the market something very different. Sean also told us the stories (and fables) of Old Tom and commented on the popularity, and the accessibility gin boasts.

Sampling Porter's Gin, and the type of gin people used to drink back in the 19th century, its safe to say gin has come a long way in appealing to the palette.
Moving on to the second station we were invited to have a wee chin-wig with Nick, chatting all things cocktails and the concept behind the new menu launching this month.

After an inspiring visit to New Orleans, and learning about concepts carried out in the US, Nick was keen to put his new found knowledge into practice. He wanted to remove the stigma that seems to be the opinion of many that there is nothing to do in Aberdeen.

With a menu consisting of eight different spirits and drinks, the concept is simple...order a drink which is associated with an Aberdeen landmark, visit that place, take a selfie, post the photo on social media, return to the bar to collect your special badge and repeat again for the seven other drinks/locations. Once you've collected all the badges (and all the selfies), return to the bar and you will receive the honour of having your name printed on the next cocktail menu - pretty cool huh!? Not only is there the chance to have your name printed on a cocktail menu, you're also visiting a number of the cities landmarks and expriencing places you may have never been before.

The locations include;
  •  Porter's Lock-in. You guessed it, it features Porter's gin. (Religious Robbery)
  • 13 King Street. This drink has whisky in it due to the location being the old headquarters for whisky giants Chivas Regal back in the day.
  • Fittie.  Due to its connections with the sea, Fittie is the perfect place to associate this drink which features rum with...(Honey Rider)
  • Aberdeen Beach. A cocktail with a twist on a daiquiri - white rum features.
  • Duthie Park. The Beerlini - perfect on a summers day...
  • Music Hall. £1 from every cocktail made in association with this cocktail is donated to Meningitis UK
  • Secret Location. Grab the infamous Pink Orchid right there in the bar. They couldn't make it any more obvious if they tried...
  • A local bartender who cannot be named for the purposes of fun and mischievous games, is also on the list of selfies to gain - I cannot wait for this person to find out who they are, and I'm delighted I guessed it right! My lips are sealed for now though...
The bar will also offer six bottled cocktails that are non-perishable on its new menu. These cocktails will also be available for delivery straight to your door through food delivery company, Deliveroo.
 Grapefruit cordial, salted Campari and topped with lager - a twist on a traditional bellini, but with beer instead of prosecco

Religious Robbery
Porter's Gin, a spiced pineapple syrup, coconut juice and a dash of Dr Adam Elmegirab's Teapot Bitters.

Honey Rider 
Mango infused rum, grapefruit oleo saccharum and Dr Adam Elmegirab's Orinoco Bitters. 
Fun fact: This is an Old Fashioned style drink which was named after the first ever Bond girl.

Last but not least, we were treated to a mini cocktail masterclass with Matt. To begin with, he fixed us up a refreshing daiquiri and talked us through the history behind the infamous drink and sours. Educating us on sours and how they are the most accessible drink, we learned about the first bartender to write things down, Jerry Thomas, and how he began creating drinks lists - now drinks menus. We then learned about Jennings Cox who established the daiquiri which was very interesting too.
Next, he put our cocktails skills to the test, getting us to make our very own Pink Orchid. A signature drink of the bar, and the only drink to have managed to secure a spot on every menu since the bar launched in 2009, the Pink Orchid is a must-try. Smooth, sweet and extremely delicious I can highly recommend this drink.

Pink Orchid
Vanilla Vodka, Raspberry Liqueur, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup and Egg White.

As a group, we were tasted to create our own sour cocktail which was extremely fun. After tasting, smelling and a lot of debating, we decided on our very own Beauregarde sours. Created with Porter's Gin, violet liqueur, lemon juice and agave, the cocktail tasted exactmly like parma violets, hence the connection with Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We got so excited by our creation that we also came up with the perfect place to associate the cocktail with - Aberdeen's very own Botanical Gardens. Sadly we didn't win the cocktail competition, but this cocktail was a winner in my eyes. I'd actually sampled something quite similar at the Butchershop in Glasgow, so was pretty impressed with the drink. (You can read my review of The Butchershop here).
To finish the evening off, we were then treated to some cheese and meat platters which went down great with everyone. A little merry to say the least, everyone was excited about the addition of food into the mix. It may have been nice to have some food whilst indulging in all the drinks to help soak up some of the alcohol, however I had no issues delving into it after the evening had finished.
A big thanks to the team at Orchid for hosting us, and giving us a sneak peak of what's to come! The new menu launches very soon (mid - end of Nov) so keep an eye out on their social media pages for when it launches.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Calling Competition: Aberdeen

It  would seem that recently, the bars and drinks industry in Aberdeen has been taking the nation by storm. From Orchid's general manager, Nick Gordon, winning the title of Mixologist of the Year, to Aberdeen's first gin to be distilled in the city in over 100 years taking home accolades, and numerous other individuals and establishments being recognised for their success', Aberdeen is basically the place to be when it comes to sampling the best cocktails in Scotland. 

Cocktail competitions have been growing in popularity in the area, more often bartenders are getting the chance to showcase their skills and knowledge, conveying just how much time and effort actually goes into cocktails and the menu's bars produce.

Now, thanks to the Jack Daniels Tennessee Calling competition (#tncalling), which was launched at the first Glasgow Sessions event to educate and inspire the next generation of up-and-coming career bartenders through quality and creativity, mixologists across Scotland will have the opportunity to compete to win an unbelievable prize.

Launching the Tennessee Calling competition, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey created the programme to inspire bartenders to push the boundaries and create unforgettable drinks. The prize for winning the competition, a life changing trip to the Jack Daniel's distillery in Lynchburg, and the opportunity to work behind the bar at the world's best cocktail bar, The Dead Rabbit.

A total of eleven cocktails were shortlisted, with four Aberdeen finalists announced, and lucky for me I got the opportunity to catch up with two of them. Aiste Valiukaite, from local restaurant, Native, and Elias Olaria Vives, from Rye & Soda, a restaurant/bar I often visit.

First up was a visit to George Street in Aberdeen...

Aiste Valiukaite of Native

The cocktail:
  • 40ml Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Brand
  • 15ml lemon grass infused syrup
  • 15ml lemon juice clarified with agar-agar
  • 25ml India pale ale (IPA) beer (Aiste used BrewDog's Elvis Juice)
  • 30ml chilled water
All of the ingredients were poured into a syphon which was charged with CO2, and then dispensed into a glass. Garnish included a stick of lemon grass and lemon verbena sprig.
Best served in a collins glass.
The method and mastermind behind the madness:
Arriving at  Native, Aiste immediately introduced herself and made me feel extremely comfortable. Set up in the restaurant she chatted to me about the competition and what her drink meant to her. She mentioned the theme around her cocktail was sustainability. Not only is it topical, and something many bars in the city are now looking into, but it's something she is very passionate about. After realising how many times she was taking bins out each night in a busy bar, she decided to find out why there was so much waste and found that a large proportion of the waste was in fact fruit - something which can easily be turned into garnish, or used to create unique syrups.

She mentioned she was inspired to see a large company like Jack Daniel's take sustainability to heart too. By recycling their coal which they use in the distillation process, selling it as barbecue coal when it is no longer beneficial in the process, the company's CSR ethos is great when it comes to reducing waste. Aiste also loved that Jack Daniel's had tapped into two very American traditions - Tennessee whiskey and barbecue.

I was excited and impressed when she mentioned she has made her own ice from scratch - no one had ever made me ice before. Using kaffir leaves and ginger peel she created an aromatic ice which  was an important element in her drink, allowing it to develop as it melted taking the customer on a journey of flavour. She mentioned how ice can make up 50-60% of a drink, so was a vital part to any drink. Creating a drink which stimulated all senses, it focused primarily around citrus flavours. To balance out the flavours she created her very own lemon grass infused syrup, which she infused over night, creating a slightly zingy, aromatic sweetener. She passed around the different ingredients, allowing me to savour the different flavour individually.

An advocate for responsible drinking in the bar, Aiste created a drink customers could enjoy a few of and still feel fresh. She wanted to create a traditional twist the classic Jack Daniel's and ginger beer, making it light and refreshing.

By using a syphon, the drink boasted a consistent flavour, was chilled perfectly and was extremely quick to pour, perfect for a busy Saturday night. No shaking or stirring needed here.

Creating the drink in front of me, she had let the ice sit for 10-15 minutes, slowly melting and releasing its floral blossom developing a delightful base. Mixing all of the ingredients together, she poured them into the syphon and released into the glasses in front of me, frothing slightly due to the beer used in the cocktail. She then added the stick of lemon grass to the drink and lining the rim of the glass with fresh lemon verbena sprig before topping it off with it.
Tantilsing the tastebuds:
Sampling the cocktail I was immediately surprised at how much I liked it. It was fresh, sweet, and boasted a real fragrant taste. With the ice being so well catered for, the flavours of the kaffir leaves and ginger melted into the drink, allowing it to further develop as I took my time, savouring every sip.

Due to Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey being an authentic, genuine whiskey choice for creating exciting cocktails, it was unusual to associate the whiskey with a drink so fresh. However, it was absolutely divine and for someone who wouldn't usually order Jack Daniel's at a bar, I was desperate for more when it had finished. In fact, I was so impressed with the drink that I recommended that it should be a permanent fixture on the cocktail menu.

The Jack Daniel's wasn't too overpowering at all, which I usually experience with whiskey based cocktails - I liked this a lot. It was sweet and refreshing, something I look for in a cocktail, and the garnish complimented the drink beautifully. Not only did it taste nice, it looked it too. The addition of lemongrass and the lemon verbena sprig also increased the intensity of the flavour, and made the drink look even more visually appealing.

It really did taste like a delicious tea and would be the perfect drink on a hot summers day. This was exactly what Aiste was going for, which meant she had accomplished what she has set out to achieve.

A memorable drink and an even more memorable finalist, I was very impressed with my first #tncalling experience and was looking forward to the next.

Native also provided us with some delicious nibbles which were perfect for indulging in after. Top marks all round.

Check out Aiste's cocktail here...

Next up was a stroll down to Belmont Street last Saturday evening to pay one of my favourite bars, and well-known face on the Aberdeen drinks scene, a visit.

Elias Olaria Vives of Rye & Soda

The cocktail:
Heather Crowe
  • 40m Jack Daniels No.7 Brand
  • 10ml Benriach (peated) single malt Scotch whisky
  • 20ml heather ale syrup
  • 20ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 whole egg (white and yolk)
Dry shake all of the ingredients (without ice) and strain into the shaker - transfer into a small jar. Garnish by smoking the cocktail with applewood smoke and seal the jar until ready to serve to the customer.
Best served in a small jar glass.

The method and mastermind behind the madness:
Taking inspiration right back to the 1970's, I knew Elias would have something interesting up his sleeve. When I visited, Elias was actually on annual leave, which meant I was in the trusted hands of his colleague, Andy Stewart, who would be creating the drink as Elias and I talked all things Jack Daniel's on the phone.

Heather Crowe is a smoked flip traditional style of drink and is unusual as it boasts an entire egg, yolk and all. As you can imagine, my face was quite the picture when I realised a whole egg was used in his drink, however, I'm familiar with Elias' handy work so knew he would be on to something great. Taking inspiration from Jerry Thomas' Bartenders Guide: How to Mix Drinks in using a whole egg I was intrigued to taste this tipple.

With Jack Daniel's celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, Elias wanted to create a classic style cocktail which was fashionable many years ago. Back in the day it was popular to name a company or a brand after the person or the place where it was established, hence Elias named his cocktail after the person behind the inspiration to his drink - famous activist, Heather Crowe. A Canadian waitress who was the face of Canada's anti-smoking campaign, she was one of the first activists who fought to protect all those working in the hospitality industry from second hand smoke.

After being diagnosed with lung cancer as a result of inhaling second hand smoke for over 40 years whilst working in smoke-filled bars and restaurants, Heather took a stand against the companies she felt were responsible for her poor health.

The concept of Elias' cocktail was simple, a tribute to Heather Crowe and her dedication and commitment to improving the conditions for workers in hospitality industry.

Like a brand, the name of a bartender can become very popular very quickly. They are the people customers come to visit. They develop relationships with customers, who then go on to spread their tales and experiences with friends and family through word of mouth. this process of becoming well-known and popular seemed very familiar to the way Jack Daniel's would have started out. There is many an occasion when individuals visit a bar because of the person behind the bar. This is becoming much more prominent in Aberdeen, and many of the bartenders are known by everyone due to their charismatic and caring personalities. The drinks and service industry is much more focused on making connections with customers now more than ever, and Elias is very aware of this.

He mentioned that his cocktail is a perfect serve as an after dinner drink, boasting a velvety, smooth and smoky taste. It's much more palatable and is made sweeter to soften the whisky liquor. By making it creamy and softer to drink, it gives the traditional Jack Daniel's we all know a different, yet familiar taste.

But why smoke the drink? Not only does smoking enhance the flavour of the drink, it strengthens the original  concept of the drink related around second hand smoking. Elias wanted to incorporate this method into his cocktail as it was important for him to showcase this element.

Elias also spoke of how he was excited about the competition incorporating bloggers into its promotional activities as they see a different side to the whisky industry and trends, bringing a new outlook into the mix. He seems the competition as a great opportunity for bartenders across Scotland, challenging them to push the boundaries and learn from one another's skill sets.

Tantilising the tastebuds:
Boasting a smoky, peaty flavour I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the cocktail. Much thicker than Aiste's drink, it was extremely smooth and rich on the palate. the Jack Daniel's was much sharper in his drink, and much more prominent too. Dry shaking the cocktail meant the drink wasn't chilled (I think this was for the egg's benefit) and resulted in a frothy consistency being formed on the top.

Designed to be a night cap drink, I would be inclined to say this drink is to be sipped slowly and enjoyed. Its flavours caress the palette, and with the addition of smoking it, the cocktail stimulates all senses.

The whole experience of smoking the cocktail was mesmerising. I watched as the smoker pushed the applewood smoke into the jar as Andy quickly captured it inside, letting it dance around in the glass.

Due to Jack Daniel's being a well-known brand which everyone knows, the mellow No.7 was the perfect whisky to incorporate into the drink. The heather ale syrup and freshly squeezed lemon gave it a slightly sharper edge, as did the Jack Daniel's.

All in all I was extremely impressed with the concept of the drink and how much thought had went into everything from the name, right down to the smoking of the cocktail to mimic second hand smoking. A great drink designed by a great guy. Very impressive.

Check out Elias' cocktail here...

A keen cocktail drinker, I can hands down say I would happily drink both of these cocktails. Aiste's Clever Jasper Tea with my girlfriends at one of our summer BBQ get togethers, and Elias' Heather Moore in a hotel lounge settled in front of a log fire with a good book.

I'm delighted that four individuals from Aberdeen will be representing the city in the finals of the competition. I wish all of the participants the best of luck and look forward to finding out who makes the top three. It takes great skill and knowledge to develop cocktails, however, it's the concepts behind these drinks and the stories associated with them which made me fall in love with them...

You can find out more about the Tennessee Calling competition and the other finalists on the Difford's Guide website.

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Rye & Soda: Bloggers Brunch/DIY Bloody Mary

When it comes to brunching, I can't say I've ever 'brunched' quite so well as one of my best friends who lives in Dubai. The brunches out there are those of legends, why? I have no idea, but its one of those 'you've got to see it to believe it' type experiences. Brunch has never really been a big trend in Aberdeen. Fish and chips, yes. Burgers, kind of, and now gin. But brunch seems to be that one trend eateries across the North-east have never really managed to conquer  because of course, offering both sweet and savoury options is vital when tackling the brunching game. That is until Rye & Soda came along...

Renowned for its ever-growing gin and spirits collection, Rye & Soda recently added a new head chef, Chris Tonner, to their team, bolstering the restaurant's food offering. The food at Rye & Soda has always been good, but with Chris' leadership, it's about to get lit up. 

Last weekend at an Aberdeen bloggers brunch, we were tasked with the fun job of making our own Bloody Marys (even though DIY usually does not agree with me), adding garnish to one of three ready-made drinks which included a tomato juice, a carrot and beetroot juice, and a spicy tomato juice, for those with a more acquired taste. With the tomato juice now mixed into the shot of vodka which had been measured into my glass, it was time to get my hands dirty. With an array of ingredients available, I was looking forward to trying to create the perfect Bloody Mary.

Everyone knows I adore BBQ sauce, so obviously that was in first, quickly followed by bacon dust, a splash of lemon juice, some Lea and Perrins sauce, and a handful of fresh tomatoes and chillies from the Veg Company. I also added a stick of celery and a pickled onion for good measure.

As a result of the bloggers feedback, and a determination to be allowed to make our own drinks again, Rye & Soda will be rolling this concept out for customers to try themselves very soon. So if you love Bloody Mary's, watch this space...
Chris Tonner then talked us through the ethos of the menu, and touched on the dishes he had prepared for us to try.
Dishes included;
  • Bruschetta ‘Ellie’s' Urban-farmed Tomatoes & Herbs 
  • Chef’s Daily Salad (see specials board) wth pomegranate, feta cheese and crispy onions 
  • Mini burger sliders in sweet brioche buns
  • Curried smoked haddock risotto
  • Gin and beetroot cured salmon
  • Macaroni cheese bites
  • Potato skins topped with Katy's eggs and a creamy, tangy sauce
  • Dark Chocolate Muffins

My must-try's have to be the mini burgers, the macaroni cheese bites and the smoked haddock risotto - but I would highly recommend all of the dishes happily.

Ambassadors for shopping and eating local, these guys are all about utilsiing the local larder, and working with business' within the North-east region to bring the most creative, inspiring dishes to the table. By doing so, Rye & Soda can offer a trendy, adaptable menu, working with the freshest ingredients possible.
Whilst we devoured the food outside on a beautiful Autumn afternoon, Elias talked us through a few different wines from the restaurant's bottle shop, pairing the wines to the dishes perfectly.

First up was a sweet Viognier Reserva from Chilie, paired with the gin and beetroot cured salmon which was extremely fresh (£9.85 for a bottle). Then a dry white Riesling from Australia (The Courtesan - £13.90 for a bottle), perfect with the bruschetta, and last but not least, the Tempranillo red wine (£8.95 for a bottle) was paired with the succulent burgers, marrying in both flavour and texture on the palette.

With a huge focus on shopping and eating local in Aberdeen at the moment, this is one Aberdeen-based independent which is guaranteed to leave you hungry for more. With a talented chef and bar team, highly trained staff who know their stuff when it comes to creative bespoke dishes/drinks, and a cosy, homely atmosphere where you can let your top-knot down, Rye & Soda is a foodie haven, craving to show off it's offering. Go check it out (located in the Academy Centre), you won't regret it. 

Eat, drink and shop local, when possible. The talent behind these independents will really impress you if you give them the chance.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Netherkirkgate & why it's getting lit up

Aberdeen has been in slight turmoil since the oil and gas crash last year. We've been frantically trying to keep our heads above water, hoping and praying the damn price of a barrel would increase, but alas, more jobs have been cut and more doors have been shut.

It's a sad day when any business has to close, you know how hard these business' owners work, putting everything they have into their business but with bills to pay, staff to pay and the people not going out as much, it's difficult for even the most successful of business' to survive.

Netherkirkgate is one of Aberdeen's hidden gems, nestled perfectly just off of busy Union Street. A diamond in the rock, this secret gathering of new business start-up's seems to be growing quite rapidly. With numerous new business' launching in the area in the space of a year, a whole new community has emerged from the undergroud.

With supporting local a big focus in the city, I've listed some awesome business' which reside in Netherkirkgate, and why they're kicking ass and killing it on the local scene.

1. Linton & Mac
Since launching last September these guys have been imperative in putting Netherkirkgate on the map. Redefining the traditional hair salon and bringing a seriously savvy Instagram game to Aberdeen, we've been following the success of both Linton, and Mac, watching as they blow up the hairdressing scene. True ambassadors for supporting local - they get local business' involved in their business all the time - these guys have not only created over 25 new jobs in the space of a year, they've also given us an awesome new place to chill out with our besties whilst we get our bangs cut.

Young, budding entrepreneurs who proactively celebrate their success by sharing their journey with others, these guys are one's to keep an eye on. Destined for big things, this duo are killing it on the business front.

P.s - book into the style bar, you won't regret it.

2. The Cat in the Window Cafe
Bringing a totally new concept to Aberdeen, The Cat in the Window cafe has been a real success in pushing new trends into the city. Never before have we had a cat cafe, but by god you Aberdonian's are delighted we have one. Supporting other local business' by outsourcing some of their baked goods from the cupcake Queen herself, Cupcakes by Jo, these guys know exactly what their cutomers want and know how to deliver. 

From hosting unique yoga classes in the cafe, to inviting guests to lounge around for an hour with some furry friends and a fine cuppa, the Cat in the Window cafe is another business knocking it out of the park. (You can read my previous review of my experience here)

3. Unit 51
Opening last Saturday with Let it Bleed putting on a sick show, this is one place I am dying to visit. The newest live music venue to hit Aberdeen and just across from The Tunnels, this is another awesome venue which is guarenteed to get the crowds of Aberdeen jumpin' for joy.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page and sign up to their newsletter to find out when the venue is open, and what next big gig is coming to the venue. Lot's happening down in the tunnels so be sure to check this rave cave out.

4. Mad Penguin
New kids on the block, the guys behind Mad Penguin are all about suporting local. With locally sourced ingredients at the heart of their offering, these artisan gelateria and makers of delicious coffee are a must visit for me. So much so, I'm actually going for a wee tour of the place this weekend - super stoked for that. They're fresh off the press and making a name for themselves in the area, already partnering with craft beer giants, BrewDog, creating some beerutiful ice cream. 

Yes it's cold outside, and yes it's Autumn, but who doesn't eat ice cream all year round!? Pop in and show your support to these guys who are just starting out. I've heard great things about their coffee offering and they look like they make some bangin' gelato. Two words, yes please!

5.  Filthy Gorgeous
Launching this Saturday (with Scottish DJ Yogi Haughton kicking off celerations at 9pm), these guys are brand new to Netherkirkgate and are already talk of the town with their toasted marshmallow fries - you read that correct, toasted marshmallows on fries. With burgers and hot dogs on the menu, with some buttermilk fried chicken chucked in there for good measure, this venue is shaping up to be the burger joint of the moment in Netherkirkgate.
And for dessert? Bacon glazed doughuts or mammoth milkshakes, your choice. Oh, and did I mention the batched cocktails and shots they have on offer? To say I'm looking forward to trying out these guys is an understatement. Wishing them the best of luck for a party-filled weekend of opening celebrations, featuring many, many hangovers.

6. The City Bar & Diner
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is something to suit all tastes at The City Bar & Diner. With some fab coffee syrups like caramel, gingerbread, and their take on popular pumpkin to indulge in whilst sipping on your hot brew, you'll want to take sanctuary in the diner all day.

All the meals are home cooked with afternoon tea and delicious home bakes available too. It's comfortable, it's homely, and even better, it's local. Oh, and did I mention it was kid-friendly too!?

So go on you rascals, head out there and enjoy those local businesses which are right there on your doorstep. They will love you for it.

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