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Rye & Soda: Bloggers Brunch/DIY Bloody Mary

When it comes to brunching, I can't say I've ever 'brunched' quite so well as one of my best friends who lives in Dubai. The brunches out there are those of legends, why? I have no idea, but its one of those 'you've got to see it to believe it' type experiences. Brunch has never really been a big trend in Aberdeen. Fish and chips, yes. Burgers, kind of, and now gin. But brunch seems to be that one trend eateries across the North-east have never really managed to conquer  because of course, offering both sweet and savoury options is vital when tackling the brunching game. That is until Rye & Soda came along...

Renowned for its ever-growing gin and spirits collection, Rye & Soda recently added a new head chef, Chris Tonner, to their team, bolstering the restaurant's food offering. The food at Rye & Soda has always been good, but with Chris' leadership, it's about to get lit up. 

Last weekend at an Aberdeen bloggers brunch, we were tasked with the fun job of making our own Bloody Marys (even though DIY usually does not agree with me), adding garnish to one of three ready-made drinks which included a tomato juice, a carrot and beetroot juice, and a spicy tomato juice, for those with a more acquired taste. With the tomato juice now mixed into the shot of vodka which had been measured into my glass, it was time to get my hands dirty. With an array of ingredients available, I was looking forward to trying to create the perfect Bloody Mary.

Everyone knows I adore BBQ sauce, so obviously that was in first, quickly followed by bacon dust, a splash of lemon juice, some Lea and Perrins sauce, and a handful of fresh tomatoes and chillies from the Veg Company. I also added a stick of celery and a pickled onion for good measure.

As a result of the bloggers feedback, and a determination to be allowed to make our own drinks again, Rye & Soda will be rolling this concept out for customers to try themselves very soon. So if you love Bloody Mary's, watch this space...
Chris Tonner then talked us through the ethos of the menu, and touched on the dishes he had prepared for us to try.
Dishes included;
  • Bruschetta ‘Ellie’s' Urban-farmed Tomatoes & Herbs 
  • Chef’s Daily Salad (see specials board) wth pomegranate, feta cheese and crispy onions 
  • Mini burger sliders in sweet brioche buns
  • Curried smoked haddock risotto
  • Gin and beetroot cured salmon
  • Macaroni cheese bites
  • Potato skins topped with Katy's eggs and a creamy, tangy sauce
  • Dark Chocolate Muffins

My must-try's have to be the mini burgers, the macaroni cheese bites and the smoked haddock risotto - but I would highly recommend all of the dishes happily.

Ambassadors for shopping and eating local, these guys are all about utilsiing the local larder, and working with business' within the North-east region to bring the most creative, inspiring dishes to the table. By doing so, Rye & Soda can offer a trendy, adaptable menu, working with the freshest ingredients possible.
Whilst we devoured the food outside on a beautiful Autumn afternoon, Elias talked us through a few different wines from the restaurant's bottle shop, pairing the wines to the dishes perfectly.

First up was a sweet Viognier Reserva from Chilie, paired with the gin and beetroot cured salmon which was extremely fresh (£9.85 for a bottle). Then a dry white Riesling from Australia (The Courtesan - £13.90 for a bottle), perfect with the bruschetta, and last but not least, the Tempranillo red wine (£8.95 for a bottle) was paired with the succulent burgers, marrying in both flavour and texture on the palette.

With a huge focus on shopping and eating local in Aberdeen at the moment, this is one Aberdeen-based independent which is guaranteed to leave you hungry for more. With a talented chef and bar team, highly trained staff who know their stuff when it comes to creative bespoke dishes/drinks, and a cosy, homely atmosphere where you can let your top-knot down, Rye & Soda is a foodie haven, craving to show off it's offering. Go check it out (located in the Academy Centre), you won't regret it. 

Eat, drink and shop local, when possible. The talent behind these independents will really impress you if you give them the chance.

  For Now...

Just Julia

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