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The Butchershop Bar & Grill (Glasgow): Review

Anyone who knows me well enough (or follows me on social media), knows I am absolutely obsessed with good food and drink. For me, eating out and going to local bars sampling artisan gins or creative cocktails is probably more of a hobby to me. Scotland is home to an outstanding larder, offering up some of the very best local produce, and with a talented array of chef's coming through the industry, our chef's are killing it in the kitchen, becoming more food savvy than ever. Scotland's food game has never been so strong.

A couple months ago when I was down in Glasgow for an impromptu visit I decided to pay a certain butcher shop a visit. This was not any old butcher shop, this was THE Butchershop

I'd heard whispers that this is one of, if not the best place to get steak in Glasgow and knowing my other half's love for a good well-cooked steak, it was necessary I booked in to try out this well recommended steak house located on Sauchiehall Street to put their steak expertise to the test.
Turning up on a busy Saturday night, we arrived a little ahead of schedule to prop ourselves up at the bar and get a few cocktails in before embracing much anticipated meat sweats. After waiting patiently at the bar, conversing with the charming barman who managed to entertain us providing he was extremely busy at the time too, we patiently awaited our waiters much-anticipated arrival. On his approach he addressed us formally and led us to an intimate, cosy booth in the corner of the restaurant. The perfect set up for our celebratory date night.

Contemplating on what we were going to have, I had planted the seed at the bar that I was really keen for us to try out the Tomahawk steak. A cut above the rest, this Flinstone cut of steak was like no steak we had experienced before.

A stone's throw away from Glasgow's place to be, Finneston, The Butchershop Bar & Grill is home to some of the best cuts of beef in the city and quite possibly the region. At 1.2kg, the Tomahawk is a huge steak presented on the bone and should not be consumed single handedly. However if you're up to the challenge then be my guest...
My first cocktail at the table was the showstopper of the drinks menu that evening in my eyes, bringing me straight back to my childhood all those years ago. The Parma Violet, a vodka based cocktail with Pincer, violette liqueur, lemon, sugar and egg white (£7.95) was by far my favourite drink, tasting exactly like the parma violet sweets you used to get whilst out trick or treating. A sweet and sassy drink, it suited my tastebuds perfectly and kept me preoccupied whilst browsing through the mouth-watering menu.

After discussing our dining options, and debating if we should or shouldn't dare take on the monstrous Tomahawk, starters were now a distant memory and the idea of facing the infamous steak cut grew ever so predominant. We were committing. Tomahawk for two please.

After finally taking the plunge and ordering our 45 day aged steak, it was time to turn our attention to our side dishes. A portion of onion rings, two pots of steak chips and two jugs of peppercorn sauce later, we had successfully ordered our mammoth main.

The restaurant was filled with intense smells from the kitchen and everyone seemed in good spirits. The staff were ever so joyous and when questioned about anything, seemed very educated in the produce the restaurant had of offer which was very refreshing.

On arrival our mouths dropped as we realised the huge, possibly impossible challenge we had signed up for. I don't know if you've ever imagined what a 1.2kg heap of perfectly cooked medium-rare meat would look like placed forgivingly in front of you, but ladies and gentlemen, this right here is what any meat lovers dreams are made of.
Tucking into the steak which was oh-so succulent and cooked to perfection (medium-rare for us) I drowned some of my meat in the rich, creamy peppercorn sauce which tingled my tongue as the steak and sauce melted in my mouth. The chips were also cooked to my liking and I enjoyed that they still had the skin on the outside supplying another texture to our meal. Good chips alongside a beautiful steak is very much appreciated in my books. Obviously after consuming half of 1.2kg of steak, dessert was off the cards. Nevertheless we both managed to tuck in to a few more cocktails, slowly continuing our way through the menu.
Our experience of The Butchershop Bar & Grill was that of an epic meat lovers love story. With all of the meat locally sourced, locally butchered and locally grilled it is clear The Butchershop Bar & Grill takes its offering extremely seriously. Home to the biggest, the baddest and the best steak in Scotland, this restaurant goes up and beyond to ensure guests are well looked after, whilst offering up some of the finest Scottish produce I have tasted.

A cut so extreme it's named after a deadly weapon, the Tomahawk is a cut that conquers all. I would highly recommend The Butchershop Bar & Grill to anyone looking for the perfect steak and would also recommend it's fantastic cocktail offering too. With cuts available both on and off the bone, The Butchershop Br & Grill caters to all tastes and offers a number of sharing steaks too for those looking for a more of a romantic experience.

Mouth wateringly tasty, I cannot wait to visit The Butchershop Bar & Grill again, and now that I'm moving to Glasgow I will definitely be returning without a doubt. Well done you absolutely fabulous steak cooking rascals, impressed is an understatement.

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