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Linton & Mac: Nail bar experience

Stop what you're doing.  Sassy nails are coming, and boy is the nail game strong with this one.

Since bursting onto the Aberdeen scene just over six months ago, local hair salon Linton & Mac has been making waves in the industry, welcoming some of the hairdressing industry's top professionals to the salon.

Established by creative directors, Joanna MacDonald and Jennifer Linton, the duo have progressed the business excessively, adding a number of new salon services as customer demand increases. 

A few weeks ago I was invited along to the salon to try out the its nail bar, and obviously I couldn't resist getting my sass on and taking them up on the offer immediately. Having already experienced the salon's style bar I was really excited to try out another service the salon has on offer. As well as a nail bar Linton & Mac also boasts a make up artist, their infamous style bar, hairdressing services and a brow bar too! And by the looks of things, I'm slowly making my way around the whole salon!

Welcoming me one Saturday afternoon, Kayleigh, Linton & Mac's resident nail artist, took me to her station where her new funky nail bar was situated, fixed me a drink from the refreshments menu and offered me a selection of quirky tasters of popcorn, popping candy and cashew nuts incase I was feeling peckish. Talking me through my appointment, Kayleigh discussed the new IBX treatment she recently brought into the salon, telling me about the wonders it would work for my nails whilst chatting me through the different nail styles and fashionable colour trends.

Not the place for someone as indecisive as I, the nail colour choice available for customers at Linton & Mac is second to none. With over 50 colours to chose from there's something for everyone. Opting for a dark purple/burgundy colour I was still spoiled for choice and managed to narrow my decision down to three potential finalists. Bella's Vampire, Majestic and a dark grey colour (just to mix it up) called Metro. 
Before starting my acrylics appointment, Kayleigh offered me the IBX Repair treatment, in order to help the growth and conditioning of my nails. IBX Repair is used to repair severe nail damage and sets the stage for growth. Not only does it toughen the upper layers of the nail plate, the IBX treatment also fills up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail plate too. The natural colour of the nail and the appearance of the nails is also improved as well as the strength and condition of nails, which in turn will help nails grow stronger and longer.

My nails were in a terrible state before my appointment, however, Kayleigh reassured me about the treatments and I immediately saw my nails transform from the worn out, dull, lifeless state they were in to moisturised, healthy looking nails.
I had decided (with some guidance) to get a set of acrylics which Kayleigh sculpted onto my nail freehand. I've only ever had this done once so was a little sceptical in how the end result would turn out, but in the hands (quite literally) of experienced nail artist, Kayleigh, I would definitely recommend this way of applying acrylics due to them not damaging my nails as much as previous acrylics have. She suggested I go for an almond shape, slightly pointed, as I wanted to make my fingers look longer and not so stumpy. She did a great job and chatted away to me throughout the whole appointment which I really enjoyed. I can't keep my mouth shut for five minutes to it was reassuring to have someone so friendly carrying out a longer appointment. The colour turned out fantastic after two or three quotes, which I would say is pretty standard in developing any nail colour, and I was extremely pleased with the overall result.

With my claws ready to paint the town red, I left Linton & Mac a new woman, with nails so on fleek even Bey would be stopping in the street (insert sassy emoji girl here), I strutted my way out of the salon to meet my friends for coffee to show off my fabulous new talons.

Recommending Linton & Mac is far too easy for me. From the homely welcome at reception, to the carefully developed customer experience undertaken by the friendly staff, to the high quality products and services they provide, the salon really has nailed all aspects of its offering.

So if you fancy pampering yourself and want your nails on fleek, then definitely get in contact with Kayleigh. Not only does she offer acrylics, gel nails and manicures, she also offers some cute nail art and has an incredible selection of never-ending colours which are definitely worth checking out. Prices are varied for different treatments with some treatments costing as little as £15.

Fancy having a nosy of Kayleigh's work? Well check out the Linton & Mac nails Instagram account here to see exactly what she can offer.
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