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The world of MINE: A sneak peek...

When I heard the latest word on the street was that a new pop up jewellery shop was establishing in Aberdeen, I was straight on Facebook, investigating what was to come...

MINE, brainchild of local creative, Amy Donaldson, is a fashionable online boutique, with a quirky twist, offering up a monthly pop-up showroom right in the heart of Aberdeen.

Specialising in jewellery initially, the online boutique will host a number of exclusive, unique designers, giving the people of Aberdeen the chance to indulge in some very unusual pieces.

Arranging a catch up with Amy ahead of this weekend's exclusive launch on Saturday 26 March at 33 Huntly Street (Profile hair salon) from 1 - 7pm,  I just had to quiz her on all things jewellery and

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So you've named the business MINE, where did the inspiration behind the name come from?
"It really was just down to pot luck. I'd been thinking about names for a while and really liked the idea of venturing down the metal theme. It took a long time to finally decide what I wanted to call the business, (originally I'd been thinking Ore), but in the end played on the concept of a gold mines therefore MINE was born. The concept of MINE is great as it allows me to play on the idea of sharing and swapping jewellery, kind of a 'what's mine is yours' which I'm hoping to develop in the near future."

Why Jewellery?
"I've always loved jewellery. A hairdresser by trade, I love to jazz up my work clothes (which are predominantly black) and jewellery allows me to showcase my personality. I sometimes go a little over the top with it, but that's the kind of person I am. I think the type of jewellery you wear can say a lot about your tastes - just like any fashion!

"I've only got one of my ears pierced and was looking for somewhere that sold singular earrings online and couldn't find anywhere. I stumbled upon this cute place in Brick Lane, London, who sold individual earrings and I fell in love. So much so that they were the first place I approached to stock on my website. I'm really excited about working with them and giving the people of Aberdeen something a little different when it comes to accessories.

"As well as being a hairdresser, I also attended a Silversmith course at Robert Gordon University and did a course on how to make jewellery in London too."

Photo rights owned by MINE 

What is it?
"MINE is really a hobby I've had for years that I've now decided to turn into a quirky wee business. My love for jewellery developed into a passion for sharing my experiences of different shops and brands with my clients, which many of them wanted to buy pieces from.

"I used to make wedding bouquets and incorporate pieces of jewellery into them, and I also decorated picture frames with old jewellery too.

"MINE is primarily an online business, however, we will be hosting monthly pop-ups in the salon and potentially across Aberdeen, which is all very exciting!"

What artists/designers can people expect you to be stocking?

"Les Nereides which specialises in luxury costume jewellery, the quirky pieces this company boasts are ridiculously cute! Think flowers, kittens, unicorns and anything else deemed girly.

"For those who love a little grunge, Black Pearl, in London, is perfect for bespoke pendants. Like mixed metals or sterling silver and enjoy moons, stars, anchors and precious gems!? These pieces are definitely worth checking out. With prices ranging between £15 - £40 there's something for everyone...

"Sarah Winther is based in Stockholm and isn't available in any other shop in the UK. She extremely talented and has a fantastic eye for real beauty."
Sarah's pieces were some of my favourite when I got a sneak peek of the collections MINE is stoking, the stunning raw rock rings and the hooped earrings are a must.

"All the way from Berlin, Angela Gomespieces are sublime, with a focus on bass and silver, these fashionable pieces portray strong, bold shapes.

"And we will also have graphic and modern jewellery designers, Wolf and Moon alongside many other designers too."

As well as selling and showcasing a number of unique, artisan jewlers, which Amy handpicked herself, she has also created an exclusive MINE range of her own. With her artistic flare and passion for jewellery, you have no doubt that the collection is going to be incredible.
Photo rights owned by MINE
"I wanted the collection to portray who I am as a creative, whilst showing off my edgier side. Jewellery is a very personal thing, so much so that it's very unlikely that two people have exactly the same choice. MINE gives people the chance to play around with fashion in a fun, informal way, and I think the fact we have so many different creatives involved in MINE's offering, that there is definitely something to suit everyone's tastes.

"I am obsessed with individual earrings, so I've created a mix 'n match earrings range so that those looking to be a little more adventurous with the length of their earrngs can have something completely different. There's heaps of different charms and I can't wait to show them off to everyone!"

Amy has also created a wooden collection with the help of her boyfriend who is a joiner. 

"The wooden collection is really funky. I've utilised an old label maker to create labelled jewellery so I can personalise any of the wooden pieces to indiviuals' tastes, which I think is going to prove very popular. I've already created some for my friends and a few local businesses so I'm looking forward to surprising them with their gifts."

Favourite piece?
"My favourite piece of jewllery of all time HAS to be my skull ring, I've had it for years and it is the only piece of jewllery that I wear every day."

Favourtie accessory?
"Individual single earrings - especially the longer ones!"

2016 Spring/Summer Trends?
"In all honesty, I don't tend to follow trends, I like to make it up as I go I guess. But what I have noticed, especially for Spring/Summer 2016, is that triangles and semi precious stones are hot in the fashion world. The unfinished, unpolished look on jewllery is also really popular just now, I've even heard that rougher diamonds are becoming much more popular too.

The jewlery business is also turning much more green, really pushing into the eco-friendly, fairtrade markets which is very refreshing. I like to know where my jewellery has come from and I think it's so important to understand how your suppliers work in order to remain true to your business ethos, and yourself really. It's exciting finding out the story of the pieces and it really inspires me so I think this is a huge thing for the fashion industry."

You can catch up with Amy at the official launch of MINE this Saturday and be blown away by the stunning collection of quirky, unusual, yet very stylish pieces.

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