Thursday, 11 February 2016

The long dog's a dog's life

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter and haven't already figured it out, I am a massive fan of dogs, especially my gorgeous short-haired collie, Bailey. Yes I'm biased I know, but if you've ever met him then you'll definitely agree that he's an interesting wee character.

Being an enthusiastic, energetic, hyper breed, collies are a lot of work. So taking Bailey to a dog cafe seemed almost one of the worst ideas I'd ever had. But there's a first time for everything...right?

After falling in love with the Long Dog Cafe at my first ever Aberdeen Bloggers meet up a few weeks ago, I decided this would be the first cafe my four-leagged friend would venture to. Walking into the eatery on a busy Saturday afternoon after a good hour long walk around Duthie Park, I was extremely nervous how Bailey would react, never mind be greeted by those at the cafe. I'd only ever  seen smaller breeds in the cafe, so taking a medium sized dog inside had me in a slightly anxious state.

Welcomed with open arms, my hyperactive rascal sat patiently at the door, unfamiliar with this  whole 'dining in' concept. He was a little all over the place initially, but as he got more used to people coming and going, I could sit back, relax, and enjoy my milk chocolate hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows. 
As well as being nutty about dogs, I am also crazy about hot chocolate and when I find a good one, boy do I scream and shout about it. (I hate coffee and I'm not that mad about breakfast tea, so my hot beverage of choice is always a hot chocolate). Presented with the option of white, milk, and dark chocolate (very fancy, I know!), I immediately opted for the creamy milk chocolate flavour.

I think in the history of my hot chocolate-loving coffee-hating life, the only hot chocolate's that could rival this one were consumed in Paris and Poland. Unbelievably tasty, with perfectly toasted marshmallows slowly melting away on top, this hot chocolate is what dreams are made of. 10/10.
With an abundance of hearty and healthy home bakes, a range of tasty lunchtime and evening delights, and an ice cream cabinet filled with a number of traditional and quirky flavours, I urge you to pay this fabulous wee eatery a visit. If for anything, it has to be the hot chocolate and the adorable pooches! The resident Long Dog Cafe pup, Gavin, a beautiful black and tan dachshund, can sometimes be found hanging out at his new digs or sleeping in the back of the cafe. A handsome wee guy for sure.

A huge thank you to the staff and the owners of the Long Dog Cafe, you made my four-legged friend extremely welcome, even when he was a little bit of a handful at times! Will definitely be returning to try out the evening menu, and to sample more of Aberdeen's finest hot chocolates of course!
  For Now...

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