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James Dun's House Aveda Lifestyle Salon: Aveda body massage

Luxurious back massages, manicures, pedicures and fabulous facials are every girls dream. Well, for those who are into spoiling themselves in their spare time, which traditionally isn't me at all.

Looking back, I've never really been one to visit spa's, not because I don't like them, but purely because I never seem to have  time, sorry, make time to spoil myself, and more importantly, spoil my body. My job in PR can be pretty stressful and getting a good night's sleep is pretty rare for me, especially during the week. So when Anna from James Dun's House invited me to try out their new bespoke Aveda body treatments, my body screamed yes. A spa virgin, this was set to be an exciting new experience...

Arriving at the Aberdeen city centre salon on Schoolhill, (they also have a salon in Glasgow) I was surprised at the size of the establishment, which consists of four floors and boasts an open-plan set up. The interiors of the salon are very soothing welcoming you with open arms, and I instantaneously felt at ease with myself. With natural, earthy tones throughout, it was clear that nature had been a big inspiration for the salons decor. After registering at reception I was left to chill out in the lounge, eagerly awaiting my spa treatment.
Lizette, one of the salon therapists and quite frankly miracle worker in my opinion, greeted me and instantly made me feel relaxed - she could probably see the fear in my eyes of not having a clue what I was doing. She led me down the grand staircase to the spa where I was left to change into a luxuriously soft, cotton robe in the serene, private spa treatment room. Lizette had urged me to take my time and really enjoy the experience. Feet placed in the warm foot bath, I patiently awaited Lizette's return. As she caressed my exhausted feet, with foot reflexology,  she explained the ethos of the salon and the purpose of the customised massage menu. Everyone's bodies react differently to stress and individuals experience stress in different ways. For me it was my upper body and my shoulders, as well as my neck which seemed to be the problem areas. Lizette was great at recommending which massage would be best for me, and felt the de-stressed therapy exactly what I needed. It's not very often I think about the effects stress has on my body, so it was extremely interesting to learn about it in such a chilled out environment.

Self-care and relaxation is important, and looking after our bodies can really influence how you feel about yourself, and how your body copes with stress.

The room smelled beautiful and was tranquil, exactly what I needed after a busy day at work. The music was soothing,  almost rocking me slowly to sleep. Lizette softly talked me through everything she was doing, ensuring not to disturb me too much. Holding a lavender scent in front of my face (which at this point I was face down on the bed) and guiding my breathing, she then got to work on my back. Now my treatment was in full swing...
After a good 45 minute stress-fix body massage, I definitely could have fallen asleep on that bed. Lizette performed a Swedish and deep tissue massage on my arms, legs, back, neck and shoulders, and even concentrated on acupressure points, guiding me through a calm meditation in rejuvenating my body. The massage itself was heavenly. Accompanied by the smells and the music, it truly was a magical experience. The serene ambiance of the room took me back to a beach somewhere nice and warm, and if I could have, I wouldn't have left.
Obviously I couldn't leave without taking a #robeselfie now could I!?

The new Aveda Body Wise treatments truly do leave you feeling divine and with a bespoke range tailored to your body's needs, the therapists can ensure you get the most out of your massage. The experience is a personal sensory journey, and is completely unique to everyone's individual tastes.

The spa aims to focus on recovery of the body, mind, and skin from negative stress, and all of the spa treatments at James Dun's House incorporate aroma, breath, and touch which Lizette mentioned had been proven to lower stress levels and place the body in a state where it is relaxed so it can repair is itself. The products Lizette used were beautiful, and left my skin feeling very fresh, not oily as I had originally imagined.

There are four Aveda Aromas to choose from including; Stress-Fix, infused with lavender, lavender and clary sage, Beautifying, infused with lavender, rosemary, and bergamot, Shampure, infused with a unique blend of 25 pure plant and flower essences, and Rosemary Mint, infused with essences of organic peppermint, rosemary, lavender and marjoram.
After my treatment, Lizette advised me how to continue to look after myself, reiterating about my stressed upper body she told me the products and treatments which would be best suited to my body if I wanted to return. Mental stress is something I can relate to a lot, however, physical stress isn't something I would say I had ever really considered thinking about until now. I'm much more educated on how to take care of my body and I now know that I enjoy a medium-strong massage pressure. As they learn something new everyday!

If you're looking to book yourself in for a bespoke body treatment (which I highly recommend) then visit A huge thank you to the team at James Dun's House in Aberdeen for this amazing experience, Aveda's new body wise treatments really do deliver, especially when you're in the right hands!

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  1. I bought a birthday boyfriend's massage and he was totally satisfied, he really said he should recommend it!


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