Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Prosecco crips: The verdict

When someone mentioned to me that prosecco and crisps were a thing, it was certain I was going to try them out. So when I recently spied these fizzy finest crisps in my local Tesco, there was no going back....

To say I was left a little confused, but also very much satisfied at the same time, is slightly bewildering to myself, never mind confusing for you guys. However, the experience (which quite frankly I can't believe i'm saying this...) is something you that you simply must try for yourself.

What do they taste like?
Well...exactly what they state on the label I guess. Very fizzy to begin with, much like the sensation you would get when drinking prosecco, which I wasn't really expecting from the crisps in all honesty. Leading on from the bubbles, was a much sweeter, vibrant flavour, which  I presumed could only be the elderberry due to its sharp, yet fragrant flavour on my palette. However, it wasn't too soon until the familiar taste of potato filled my mouth, although, I guess that's what you would expect to taste when sampling any type of potato crisp, right guys?

What do they look like?
You're going to think this is the most ridiculous question ever, and I bet you were already thinking "A crisp, duh!" but you'd be left a little unsatisfied if I didn't show you what they looked like wouldn't you? True, they do look like regular crisps, varied in size, colour and flavour of course. The really dark one's are the one's which boast the most flavour, and if you enjoy the fizz, there's plenty of that too. These were my favourties by far, and luckily in my packet I managed to bag quite a few #winning.

What did I like most about them?
They're something different to the usual bog-standard flavours available on the market, and there's something a little exotic about them in that respect. Although they may have been brought to shelves around the UK throughout the festive period, there's something very refreshing about them and I could easily see myself enjoying a packet (well, sharing a packet) with friends at a picnic on a beautiful Spring afternoon. The flavour was obviously a winner in my opinion, and as much as I appreciated the fizziness on my tongue, the sweetness of the elderberry vs potato flavour won it for me.

Would I recommend them?
If you're into the weird and wonderful, or love a crisp glass of fizz (no pun intended), then you should definitely give these circular (well, when they can be), golden delights a try. They would be a fantastic addition to Christmas nibbles or any New Year's Eve party. However, I would advise giving your guests a heads up about the tangy initial burst of flavour, as they may not be best pleased with an unexpected fizzy surprise!

Where can you buy them?
If you fancy putting your culinary palette to the test then any local Tesco supermarket should have them, although, I have a sneaky suspicion the larger stores are more likely to have them in stock! Happy munching.

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