Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Porter's Gin launch and Orchid's sixth birthday bash

Cocktails, or gin, cocktails or gin? For anyone who knows me, making quick decisions can be extremely challenging for me; the meaning of indecisive is me in a nutshell. However, when I received an invite to my favourite bar's birthday bash, and the launch of Porter's gin, its safe to say this was one decision that would be made in a heartbeat.

Orchid has been, and still is, one of my favourite cocktail bars in Aberdeen. The talented, creative team behind the bar put their heart and soul into the business, mastering the art of cocktail making presenting works of art right in front of customers faces. With cocktails on my mind (which they very much are majority of the time), I headed to the bar one cold December evening to indulge in some liquid gold.

On arrival to celebrate this special evening, guests were treated to a fantastic fizzy bellini, welcomed into the cosy bar to begin the celebrations and most importantly hear all about the gin everyone is talking about. What I love about a good old Orchid birthday bash, is the generosity and kind-heartedness of owner, Ben Iravani. For one hour during the celebrations a free bar is called, and all that is asked of guests is for those getting a drink is to put some money in the jar for the bar's chosen charity. A real nice touch if you ask me.

Anyway, back to the point; the gin.

Yes it's bottling/labelling is extremely professional, and yes it tastes phenomenal, but my favourite thing about this gin is that it's the first gin in over 100 years to be distilled in my home town, Aberdeen.

The gin has been created by three talented masterminds (see below for my seven things you need to know about Porter's Gin), who have used a number of different, unusual botanicals, and perfected distilling techniques to create this wee beauty. And oh what a beauty it is.

Porter's Gin: The seven things you need to know...
  • It was created by drinks enthusiast trio: Ben Iravani, Alex Lawrence and Josh Rennie.
  • It is the first gin to be distilled in Aberdeen in over 100 years, and it tastes bloody delicious.
  • The gin is named after Professor Andrew Porter of Aberdeen University, after he sourced a rotary evaporator for the trio who then put it to the test to create the gin. (A very snazzy piece of equipment indeed!)
  • The temperature the gin is distilled at plays a huge part in its taste. (Did you really think they would give this information away, come on guys!)
  • The modern, cold-distilled part of the gin is created in Aberdeen. The traditional part of the gin was achieved by working with a UK distillery which has over 250 years experience in the art of gin making.
  • The 'distillery' where the gin is cold-distilled was once an old garage.
  • The gin boasts twelve botanicals, one of the main botanicals being Buddha's Hand; a citrus fruit with finger-like segments which resembles a human hand!
If you haven't already managed to sample the gin, don't panic, you can sample the tipple at Orchid or its sister bar, 99 Bar and Kitchen, although, I have a feeling this specific gin will be gracing the shelves of many other bars in Aberdeen and will prove extremely popular with us Scots. 

Orchid also has a number of different cocktails on their latest menu which incorporates the gin into its drinks offering. I would definitely recommend the Spruce Almighty, Porter's Fizz or Kamm Doon Son! All very tasty and very smooth on the palette. Or, you could always go for a traditional gin and tonic, classy and satisfying, what more could you want from a drink!? Slรกinte!

  For Now...

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