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Gin of the month: Porter's Gin

Gin and myself have been good buddies for over a year now. We've had some interesting experiences - cue memories of slightly underage drinking (I wasn't that much of a rebel) meaning I ended up completely hating the stuff by the age of 18, to sophisticated cocktail evenings with a few of my favourites enjoying gin in a fruitful way, oh, and let's not forget those cosy nights in front of a warm, open fire with a goblet or two. The goblets usually sporting a handful of berries or a sprig of rosemary or mint in them of course. It's been an intriguing, exciting friendship, if anything else, and it always seems to astonish me how every damn one tastes different.

With 70% of the UK's gin now produced in Scotland, you'd think the brains behind the operation would run out of ideas. Nope, not a chance. And nevertheless, mother nature continues to drown us in her delectable offering giving those looking to distil gin, a word-wide larder to pick from. From the rare Buddha's hand which is used in Aberdeen's very own Porter's gin, to sugar kelp from the Outer Hebrides used in the Isle of Harris gin, the many changing faces (or ingredients) of gin is quite fascinating.

It's a straight forward process (or so I've been told), if you know what you're doing that is. It's balancing the different flavours and key notes which is the tricky with this in mind, I've decided to do a monthly spotlight on some of my favourite gins. Yes I'm not a gin critic, correct, and no, I'm not trying to set myself out to be one. I'm a girl, who love gin, and wants to share my personal experiences with it with you. Simple. Think something along the line of a student's version of a gin review, if you can handle that then we'll get along dandy...

Oh these guys! Can we just take a minute to appreciate the detail of this bottle please? With a bespoke design created to showcase the two show-stopper ingredients, Buddha's hand and juniper berries, in the flask in which the gin is created, there's a real sense of attention to detail here - and that's just the bottle.

A semi-local of the bar the gin was created in, Porter's has been close to my heart since the very first time it touched my lips. The launch night for this gin last year was heaving, there were so many people out in force to support the creators, Ben Iravani Josh Rennie and Alex Lawrence, and obviously eager to try the gin. With lots of hype around the trio, who are well-known in the drinks industry, it was very exciting to experience the start of something amazing.
The gin itself is very refreshing, and quite citrusy. Boasting orange, orris root, lemon, Buddha's hand, and pink peppercorn's, its no wonder it has that zesty taste to it, with a light spice to finish of course.

At 41.5% it's a lovely London Dry gin, not bitter on the tongue, very smooth in my opinion. I'm not too keen on gins which dry out your mouth, and Porter's certainly does not do this. Suggested serves would be premium tonic (usually Fever Tree or me) and a lime wedge. I also tried the gin with a sprig of mint and orange peel which was incredibly tasty. Although, I've never quite got my Porter's to taste as good as the guys at Orchid make it. It's so bloody tasty.
The gin is also cracking in cocktails and is becoming more and more popular with bars across the UK. A gin created for bartenders by those who understand and have worked within the industry over a decade now, it's no surprise it's proving so popular. I can hands down say this gin is a great addition to any gin-based cocktail.

Created with old and new techniques, this marriage of tradition meets innovation is a great love story. By utilsiing a unique homemade(ish) rotary evaporator and one of the UK's oldest gin distillers, the wonderful gin, my local gin, Porter's, is a delicious affair of mature and modern coming together.
A gin with a full body and a larger than life character, I really enjoy Porter's and love the team behind it. Bursting with industry passion, the brains bringing Porter's to the market have already nailed down a deal with Harvey Nichols, have managed to get the gin featured in Vogue's 100th Anniversary edition, oh, and did I mention the gin was recently awarded a top industry accolade too? Yeah, when Aberdeen do it, we do it damn right.

Available in most Aberdeen bars and bottle shops, get your hands on one of these bottles. It would also make an excellent gift, so if you're Christmas stocking is slightly weighty this year, expect great gin things.
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