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Tantrum doughnuts (Glasgow): Review

It's no word of a lie that when we're asked to think of doughnuts two things usually spring to mind, the first, a slightly over weight policeman sitting happily in his police car dunking a doughnut into a fine brew, patiently awaiting a call on the radio, which, usually - in the movies - always seems to be a bank robbery or a high speed car chase, predictable, I think so. The second connotation when thinking about doughnuts would be the over exaggerated experience of Krispy Kreme. Living in Aberdeen I know may the individual who has driven for miles down to Edinburgh for the day just to pick up a box of doughnuts. Each to their own I guess...

It was only about a month ago that I learned the whereabouts of Tantrum Doughnuts, following each other on Instagram I felt we already kind of knew each other, so I was really keen to meet this new sweet pal I had made on social media. Impromptu, as my coffee stops, or more like hot chocolate stops usually are, last weekend before heading back up the road to Aberdream, I dropped into the eatery with my boyfriend to try out what I had only heard as Glasgow's best kept doughy secret.

Launching at the end of last year in December, Tantrum Doughnuts, situated on 35 Old Dumbarton Road, has built up quite the reputation in the city, so much so that every time I've passed the shop it's always been full - a good sign for any business, especially on a weekday.

The brainchild of Iain Baillie (former pastry chef at The Fat Duck, One Devonshire Gardens, Gleneagles Hotel and latterly, Glasgow's very own Ox and Finch - another must try on my foodie list) and his wife, Annika, the cafe has grown from strength to strength, welcoming hundreds of revellers through its doors.

The best bit about these doughnuts is the way they are cooked. Fried in rapeseed oil in small batches to ensure each and every doughnut retains both freshness and flavour, they are then smothered, filled and/or covered with homemade custards, fondants, purées and jams which are all made in-house.

What I really enjoyed about the cafe is that they base their offering on the availability of seasonal ingredients which they source from local suppliers, further enhancing the freshness and high quality of the doughnuts. No wonder they're so damn tasty. 
It was really hard to pick which one I wanted, they all looked so enticing. Feeling the pressure to pick the right one, I opted for the pistachio and hibiscus ring, whilst my boyfriend decided on the chocolate and hazelnut filled, cinnamon sugar doughnut. To be perfectly honest, he chose the one I was dying to try out, but I have absolutely no regrets as I actually LOVED the way my doughnut tasted. It also featured a lot of different textures and wasn't too heavy which was perfect for me. The doughnuts melted in your mouth and tasted so fresh, it was extremely apparent that these were no ordinary doughnuts, there were artisan doughnuts. MMM.

Other doughnut flavours I'd like to get my hands on to try out include; maple candied bacon and puffed pork crackling, almond old fashioned, and vanilla crème brûlée. Then again, you can't beat a traditional raspberry jam filled doughnut.

Obviously it wouldn't be a proper outing to a foodie establishment for me without a token milkshake, a chocolate mallow milkshake this time. Chocolate ice cream mixed with milk, topped with one of the sweetest toasted marshmallows I've ever tasted. So damn good. A first in my life, I decided to try out the hot chocolate instead, which, may I add, was utterly divine, leaving my boyfriend to enjoy the mammoth milkshake. Of course I undoubtedly managed to sneak a wee sip or two of the milkshake, because given the opportunity, who wouldn't, am I right!?

I really loved the intimate feel the cafe presented, small and cosy, the artisanal space was extremely pleasant, and the smells coming from the back were what I could only imagine Willy Wonka's sweet factory would smell like. I also enjoyed the "Made by people, not machines" gracefully plastered above the doorway, reassuring customers that a lot of love and attention goes into these wee sweet treats.

I will definitely be returning, and most certainly will be purchasing a box of Glasgow's finest doughnuts to take home and share with my Aberdonian pals next time I'm in. Tantrum Doughnuts, it was a ruddy pleasure.

For Now...

Just Julia

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