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One of the most prestigious of tipples - that is Champagne of course - has been a drink individuals across the globe have adored for centuries. Accustomed (I wish) to indulging in a glass of champagne from time to time (translate to- when I get gifted a divine bottle on a special occasion), the taste of champagne always transports me to some warm Mediterranean vineyard, nestled in the beautiful countryside of Southern France.

Last weekend, leading champagne extraordinaire's, Moët & Chandon, organised a nationwide party to celebrate its first ever champagne spray moment which took place on 11th June 1967, putting on its biggest event to date, the very first Moët Party Day.

Inited along to the party, and not wanting to miss out, I was intrigued to find out about the company's recently launched Ice Impérical champagne. The latest addition to the Moët & Chandon family, the Ice Impérial is the first and only champagne to be created to be enjoyed over ice. This new, smooth and deliciously fruity champagne is like no other, and when I say nothing compares to it, I truly mean nothing compares.
Heading to  The Lane on Ashton Lane, boyfriend in tow, the sweet sounds of a euphoric saxophone slowly teased us to where the white-themed street party was.

And with a clink of our perfectly branded glasses, #moetpartyday had commenced.
The set up of the Moët Ice Party was incredible, with crisp white, Balearic-inspired seating and tables outside, comfy high quality bean bags to perch our bottoms on, bespoke branding materials and two Emperor King penguins strategically placed for some serious selfie fun. Not to mention the fun selfie props they had on all of the tables and the huge Dive Into the Now Moët Ice photo board they had for guests to almost literally, jump into the moment.

On the tables containers filled with mint sprigs and perfectly sliced cucumber were there us to use, garnishing our champagne, creating a whole new mix of flavours to tantilise our tastebuds, keeping our palate guessing as to what would flavours would come next. To be able to drink a glass of champagne so easily, with a sweet, yet still slightly crisp twist to it was delightfully pleasant. Never before have I drank champagne over ice, and never again will a glass of champagne go down so smoothly. The Ice Impérial had won the royal champagne seal of approval from me.
With Moët in my hand and food on my mind, I began to realise that I'd need to slow things down a little and get some grub in my tum if I was to last all day and make it to the evening event. This meant one thing, a hearty, yet light lunch was needed to ensure we were going to make it out later, putting those hunger pangs to bed.

I opted for a smoked chicken, tallegio and rocket sandwich accompanied with truffle fries, and my other half decided on the club sandwich with cajun fries. Both great choices and both demolished within the hour.
#moetmonent's took place throughout the day, gifting the public with complimentary drinks - not a bad set up for those lucky sods passing by I must say. Both events were open to the public, with many individuals passing through Ashton Lane popping in for a glass or two.
As day turned to night we left the stunning lane, spruced ourselves up ready to check out the Moët Imperial Party, and headed to our next destination. Entering the enchanted Corinthian Club, one of, if not the most beautiful and elegant establishements I've ever stepped foot in, we were lead to the VIP section and welcomed with a chilled glass of Imperial Moët. The older, and wiser sister of the Ice Impérial champagne we had tried earlier, the traditional Imperial Moët was much more crisp and bubbly than the champagne we had been drinking throughout the day. This champagne seemed much more elegant, and very well suited to the character of the Corinthian too.

With stunning golden glasses (which I was dying to take home may I add), we sipped champagne all evening as David Barbarossa played a mixture of up beat music, catering to all ages. I loved the prestigiousness of this brand, and the organisation of a successful nationwide event is extremely applaudable. The Corinthian was by far the best venue for the evening event and really added to the glamorous up-market feel the event boasted in the most relaxed environment.
Again, like at the quirky Ashton Lane, food was also provided and by god, those canapés were out of this world. With the likes of tempura prawns with a hot sweet chilli sauce, salmon and cream cheese hors d'oeuvres and haggis bon bon's with whisky sauce available, all were consumed and all tasted exceptionally good.

Sadly I wasn't quick enough to get pictures of the food, although with it being THAT delicious, it didn't surprise me that people were immediately returning for seconds and thirds. The prawns and the haggis bon bon's were a definite highlight for me - if you ever go to The Corinthian, try them.

More #moetmoments took place within The Corinthian, with girls showing off the champagne and handing out complimentary bottles to the public to enjoy, encouraging everyone to get involved in the celebrations. Everyone was in high spirits and loved both events.
With Moët on our minds, in our hands, and even circulating within our bloodstreams, we decided to call it a night and head home. A huge success in my eyes, Moët had captured the hearts of the nation once again. With a bottle of Moët champagne opened every second around the globe, it's no wonder that the champagne power house is one of the world's favourites.

A huge thank you to Mary McGowan from The Vine PR Company for having us, we had a delightful time and I hope to work alongside her and her fantastic team again in the near future. Also, big up to The Moët & Chandon team for putting on a cracking nationwide event. A great event by everyone involved.
  For Now...

Just Julia

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