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Gourmet Burger Kitchen (Glasgow): Review

Gourmet burgers are now somewhat part of a the global burger revolution slowly but surely taking over the world. With burger joints popping up all over the UK, be that a franchise of massive chain restaurants or small, independent, artisan restaurants, burgers are everywhere. Living in Glasgow now, you can't walk far without meandering past a burger joint every few hundred yards, especially within the city centre. Home to its very own  burger district, Glasgow boasts many different burger joints, and with so much choice it can be a little daunting on deciding where to go...

With burgers on my mind one Friday evening, I tasked myself with the impossible duty of finding a burger bar which would meet the requirements of the whole party. It had to have a good selection of burgers, both meat and chicken, had to deliver its A-game on a varied milkshake offering, and it also had to boast some impressive sides to accompany the awesome burgers. Heading straight to the  so called 'burger district' I had one particular place in mind...The Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

I love burgers, fact. What I adore most about them is the casualness of eating a burger, and the ability to bond with people so easily over them. Casual dining allows you to get intimate with your food, holding it, pulling it apart, experiencing the textures of it, and it really allows you to get to grips with what your eating. Burgers are especially good for this, and it's probably why I enjoy them so much.

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), is one of the UK's most popular burger joints with over 70 different restaurants across the country. It's a relaxed place, somewhere friends and family alike can visit for a casual meal, or if you want to get to know someone better, then it's a great place for a first date - a casual one of course... You order at the bar, which is pretty standard for these types of joints, and patiently wait as your food is cooked and then placed in front of you hot out of the kitchen, pretty simple.
Living in Glasgow for approximately a month now, I still hadn't managed to devoured a can of Irn Bru, shocking behaviour I know. So when I spied the orange, oh-so patriotic beverage, it had to be ordered. Spying milkshakes on my menu, I toyed with the idea of indulging in one throughout my meal, however, decided it would make a wise choice for dessert so would hold off. That being said, you know when someone orders something incredible and it sits there teasing you and they're no where to be seen and it's just kind of looking at you saying eat me? That's what happened with me and my sisters boyfriend's salted caramel milkshake.

Staring me in the face whilst he was absent from the table, I grabbed my clean fork, dunked it into the milkshake ever so slightly and inhaled the sweet, caramely dessert "Goddammit thats good. Oh shit, that is fresh!" Carrying on like nothing had happened when he returned to the table, giggling like silly school girls every two minutes, I eventually fessed up to my crime, only realising then that I'd reenacted a scene from one of my favourite films, Bridesmaids.

After my milkshake cravings had been conquered and my thirst for Irn Bru had been quenched, food was on my mind. For dinner I opted for the chargrilled chicken satay burger (£9.35) featuring warm satay sauce, crispy onions, garlic mayo, rocket, pickled onions and relish, satay chicken never tasted so good. My sister decided on the classic chicken burger with house mayo, relish, and salad (£8.65) - no where near as delicious as mine, and her boyfriend chose the GBK cheese and bacon burger topped with crispy bacon, BBQ sauce, house mayo, dill pickle and salad, plus cheddar cheese of course (£9.60). All burgers were cooked extremely well and the chicken was incredibly juicy and was very easy to cut into, ideal for when you're eating with your hands.

Usually protective over my food and known as 'the one who doesn't share food' in my friends group, it was decided that we would share our sides, ordering two portions of skinny fries (£3.00 each) and an onion ring stack (£3.55) to accompany our burgers. Not a lover of salt and usually someone who never adds salt to dishes, the Hei Hei salt had caught my eye on the table. I was intrigued to find out what it was. The Hei Hei is a mixture of normal salt, mild paprika and chicken salt  and tasted really different, a good different though. Who would have known salt could be so appetising...

I so badly wanted to indulge in a milkshake after my meal, alas, my full stomach said no. I had enjoyed my meal and didn't want to spoil it by pushing my body to its limits, so unwillingly admitted defeat.

The GBK experience is somewhat relaxing, and tasteful. The staff were extremely pleasant and looked after us well, and the food was cooked exactly how I like it. I especially enjoyed the satay sauce on my burger as it was more like a paste, which stayed on my burger much better than a runnier sauce, allowing me to get a real satay taste in every bite. The milkshake was bangin' and my Irn Bru took me to a euphoric state. I wasn't sure if it was all the sugar, or the fact I forgot how damn good it tastes, but boy I have missed it. The interiors of the restaurant are pretty funky, and further influence a chilled out vibe. I've wanted to visit GBK for ages now and I'm so glad I did. Next time I'll be sure to leave space for a milkshake.

If you can, definitely try out he Hei Hei sauce, and with a huge selection of burgers, there's something for all tastes. You can always mix it up and order off the menu - the staff are super helpful and will ensure to make your GBK burger experience one you'll be dying yo go back for.

    For Now...

 Just Julia

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