Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Photo shoot fresh

Recently I was invited to a closed photo shoot by my good friends at Linton and Mac, Aberdeen's latest fashion forward hair salon, which seems to be taking the city by storm. The innovative duo behind the salon venture, creative directors Jennifer Linton and Joanna MacDonald, both ooze talent and extreme enthusiasm for their industry, so I was really looking forward to seeing them both in action.

Although I've been to a number of photo calls/shoots I've never actually worked on a shoot which involves the full shebang (hair, clothing, make up, models etc.) so I was pretty excited about this.

On-shoot I quickly realised how much time and effort really goes into pulling these things together. Saying that, I've decided to pull together five top tips for anyone participating in a photo shoot anytime soon, they will help you get you through those tough times, trust me.

1. Positive vibes
One negative nelly really can ruin the day for everyone. It's really important for everyone to work together in order to achieve the end goal you're all hoping for. If its your first time working with a group of people break the ice and organise to have breakfast or lunch together so everyone can bond. All for one and one for all as they say!

2. A good photographer and a team with a creative eye
Getting the right shot and ensuring the models look the part is really dependent on 1. the capabilities and skills of the photographer and 2. the team of creatives working alongside, ensuring everything is in place for the shot. Having an enthusiastic, inspired team, makes all the difference. From giving different shoot location ideas, to helping assist with capturing the ideal lighting, everyone on the shoot plays an important role in obtaining the ultimate frame.

3. Food and drink is a must
I can't stress enough how important this is. Make sure you have a stash of snacks on-set for the team and eat a substantial lunch. Photo shoots are long, tiring days, and it's important to stay on top of your game. Regular intervals and breaks will also help everyone stay energised and motivated.

4. Experienced models 
Working with individuals who know how to "work-it" makes everything 100 times easier. The more comfortable and confident they are in their abilities, the edgier and more out-going they are on set. Although Sam was only signed to his agency seven months ago (I wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't told me himself), he and Megan, who have worked together on a number of occasions, clearly knew what they were doing, and it was refreshing to see how at ease they were working together; it really was beautiful to witness.

5. The ultimate glam squad
Lucky for us we were spoiled with an abundance of behind the scenes talent alongside our experienced models. The team worked for hours, complimenting one another's work as we went, lending a hand where need be. From stylish, fashionable clothing, to stunning make up by local MUA, Abigail Westwood; every element was built up to compliment the final piece and focal point of the shoot - the hair. Blessed with the magic touch of tag-team duo, Linton & Mac, the two ladies worked away,  creating a number of different looks for the specific shoot. After working hours on end in the salon and battling with the elements outside, the final result was totally worth it. Job done.

  For now...

Just Julia


  1. Excellent Blog Julia, well done X

  2. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it, and thanks for having me! X


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