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Blogger Sleepover: SKENE HOUSE APARTMENTS (Aberdeen)

There’s nothing quite like making an entrance. And making an entrance is what I do best.

Of course in true Julia fashion, I was rushing around town running errands before heading along to my first bloggers sleepover. “It’ll only take 20 minutes”, as if. Twenty minutes later and I was more stressed than I had been before initially setting off to execute my errands. It was one of those days.

Arriving at Skene House Apartments in Rosemount, I was greeted by a grand security gate whilst gaining access to the private parking the establishment boasts. An unusual benefit for city centre apartments and hotels, we were off to a pretty good start. Well Skene House Apartments was, me, not so much.

After a quick pop-in to reception, key card in hand, I rushed to our suite. Scaling the stairs at high speed I decided to deck myself half way up, and when I say deck myself I'm talking about now rocking a bruise the size of Usain Bolt's running shoe. Owch was an understatement. As a result of the commotion I'd caused at the stairs just before our suites landing, the relief I had when our host, Sarah from Blogs, Vlogs, Etc, popped her head out of our apartment to come help me up was welcomed. Gathering up all my unnecessary shit (that does not include the cupcakes and prosecco I had in my hand) we headed to our sanctuary for the evening.

The four star suite was much larger than I had anticipated. With three spacious rooms, a large separate kitchen, two bathrooms and a lounge area big enough to seat nine people, there was plenty space for the five of us to relax and hang out. Happy days.

Late (which I never am usually to things like this), I arrived just as the Body 'N’ Sol team kicked off their beauty pampering regimes. Sarah was getting her lashes tinted, Catherine her eyebrows done, and myself, Hannah and Laura opted for some on fleek gelish nails. I went for the Hello Merlot (red), Laura the Deep Sea (blue) and Hannah the My Nightly Craving (black) colours.

Popping the prosecco, we were then treated to a mini Stella & Dot party from style consultant, Roz. Learning all about next seasons trends and getting top tips on how to style the different pieces of jewellery. I was a big fan of the back to front, wear it a gazillion ways multi-metal necklace. It was pretty bad ass and would look bangin’ styled with a backless jumpsuit or dress. Chatting away and getting lost in conversation, time ticked away and the bubbles were flowing. It was now 9.30pm and my stomach was growling. Time for food.
We opted on getting a takeaway (what girls night doesn’t involve a takeaway with shit loads of sweet treats) and turned to Deliveroo Aberdeen.  Having only used the Glasgow service before I was raving about how amazing it was. Boy was I about to eat my words. An hour and a half later, three phone calls to London and three orders later, our Deliveroo had arrived - eating your dinner at 11.15pm is not ideal. Doughnuts consumed, it was soon time to hit the hay and check out our bedrooms.
Buddying up, I shared a room with the lovely Katherine of Katherine Elizabeth Official. A new blogging pal, it was nice to get to find out more about her and hear all about her exciting holiday along the West Coast. The bed was comfy, the room was quiet, and to top things off there was a sink in my room – who would have thought a sink in your room would prove so handy. Late nigh flossing y'all.

The bathrooms in the suite was pretty lavish in comparison to the other rooms in the apartment, with Scottish Fine Soaps lotions and a huge, beautiful lighted mirror which boasted the ultimate selfie light. The shower was really good for an apartment and there was a lot of space in the bathrooms. ensuring you never felt claustrophobic which was very enjoyable.

Up and at it like the early bird catching a worm, breakfast was on all of our minds. Sadly poor Hannah from Granite CityGirl had left earlier in the morning due to work commitments, so I’d promised her I would make up for her not making breakfast. Did someone say second breakfast? We'd been gossiping all night about our days at University together and I quizzed Aberdeen's makeup guru about my skin care regime. Lots learned.

Getting prim and proper for breakfast we made our way over to the central building where breakfast is always served. It was busy, but not overwhelmingly busy. There were various different types of groups including, families, couples, friends and singles.

Breakfast consisted of a continental offering with the option of a few hot dishes at an extra charge.  I love how the Scandinavians and the Europeans do breakfast so the continental selection was perfect for me featuring numerours mixed meats and cheeses,  accompanied with different flavours of breads and croissants. Breakfast was to quickly become the breakfast of champions when Laura of The Floral Elephant presented us all with a mountain of pain au chocolat. UGH, HEAVEN.
Eyes bigger than our stomachs we all managed to hoover up one of Cupcakes by Jo’s delicious cupcakes which she had kindly gifted us for our sleepover. If you haven’t tried these cupcakes then get after it.  Hands down Jo makes some of the best cupcakes in Scotland. Treat those deprived tastebuds god dammit!
Overall my stay at Skene House Apartments on Rosemount was extremely pleasant and I had the best time catching up with my blogger pals. The staff were all very lovely and helpful, and the room was clean, tidy and spacious, perfect for a girls weekend away. As an added extra, our host, Sarah, had went the extra mile and presented us with these cute photo frames with out blog names in them, super cute!
A huge, massive, ginormous thank you to the beautiful Sarah who did a smashing job at organising the event and inviting me along. I will definitely be recommending the apartments for a twist on a girls night out in Aberdeen, and look forward to hopefully visiting the other two locations across Aberdeen. Big shout out to all the girls at the event, I had an awesome time with you guys and can't wait to do it all over again - but this time, let's order from somewhere else! And heck, you can't argue with that view either, another reason Skene House Apartments Rosemount is a must stay.

    For Now…

Just Julia

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